When do you need to call your child’s doctor or go in for an office visit, and when should you watch and wait instead?

WRAL TV 5 interview with Dr. Tayloe regarding vaccinating children against COVID-19.

How mRNA Were Developed (Spanish) : Cómo se desarrollaron las vacunas de ARNm contra el COVID-19.

How mRNA Vaccines Work (Spanish) : COVID-19 y los niños: cómo actúan las vacunas de ARNm.

Scientists have been developing the technology for messenger RNA vaccines for over 30 years. COVID-19 vaccination is the best way to protect your child from disease and to help them thrive.

Dr. Paul Offit, director of the Vaccine Education Center and an attending physician in the Division of Infectious Diseases at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, expains how experts are working to protect against new COVID variants.

Introducing the co-host of the new AAP Podcast David Hill, MD, FAAP. In the podcast we will cover the latest in all things pediatrics, bringing in expert insight from physicians and others experts around the country.

Vaccination is the best way to protect your child from COVID-19. Learn how mRNA vaccines work like invisible coaches to teach your child's immune system to recognize the virus.


In this episode Patrick O’Shea, PhD, a senior researcher at the FrameWorks Institute, shares findings from the first in a series of studies about how the public perceives vaccines. Hosts David Hill, MD, FAAP, and Joanna Parga-Belinkie, MD, FAAP, also talk to Nusheen Ameenuddin, MD, MPH, MPA, FAAP, Chair of the AAP Council on Communications and Media, about her work at the Mayo Clinic to educate immigrant populations about vaccines.