Your child's well-being means everything to the caring professionals of Goldsboro Pediatrics

When you trust us with your child’s care, you become part of our family.

Our professionals have the advanced training to see your child through all the stages of growth, from infancy to young adulthood. We’re by your side to share benchmarks, and through all the fevers, falls, and mishaps of childhood. You can count on us for reassurance and to provide needed care.

We focus on your child’s complete health status. We know that each child is an individual whose needs change with time and with growth. We’re dedicated to working within families and communities to assure our young patients have the best possible health outcomes and are ready for the challenges of adulthood.

We know that behavioral health is key to a child’s overall wellness. We provide services through our Advanced Care Team. Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Michelle Thraikill, specializes in behavioral health. She works with our other practitioners to provide individualized care.