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Reach Out and Read is a national program that promotes early literacy by bringing new books and advice about reading aloud into the pediatric exam room.

ROR is based on three components at each well child visit between the ages of 6 months to 5 years:

New age appropriate books are given to the child
Pediatric Healthcare Providers talk to parents about the importance of using books and reading aloud with their child
Literacy Rich Environment – Waiting rooms and exam rooms use books and decorations to reinforce reading aloud to your child as a top priority.

Our Program Specific Info

We have ROR programs in all 4 of our offices. We started our programs in 2003 and since that time we have given out over 14,000 books every year to the children of Wayne and the surrounding counties. Our programs are among the largest in our state.

Our program is funded through tax deductible donations and corporate/foundation grants each year. The majority of our funding is provided through local businesses and individual giving. ALL monies raised for our ROR programs goes directly to purchase books for the programs located in our four offices.

Compelling Need

In our county, too many young children (51%) are not ready to learn to read when they enter kindergarten, and therefore, too many (52%) of our elementary school children are not reading well when they reach fourth grade. Children who are not reading well when they enter fourth grade are at high risk to drop out of school and experience the bad outcomes we hear about every day in this community (juvenile crime, irresponsible pregnancy, poverty, substance abuse, mental health disorders).

If we are to improve the outcomes of our youth and the quality of our work force, we must start very early. ROR is the initial stepping stone in closing the “Achievement Gap” in learning.

How You Can Help

Donations – You can provide a tax deductible donation to the ROR program through the Greater Wayne Children’s Health Foundation. You can click on the ROR contribution card and fill it out then return it with your tax deductible donation.
Donation Card

Volunteer Readers – We use volunteer readers in our well child waiting rooms at all four of our offices. If you are interested please contact me via email at or call and leave a message for Valerie Bailey @ 919-734-4736.

Book Drive – You can organize a gently used book drive for our program. We use gently used children’s books in our exam rooms and our waiting rooms. Most of the time these books go home with families which is wonderful because we are getting even more books into each child’s home. We rely on generous donations of used books which are also tax deductible.

Just bring in your used books to any of our offices, go to the check-in window and they will give you your tax deductible donation receipt.Community Outreach Events – We have several events each year in the community where our booth has a literacy theme. We often will have character readers. If you would like to participate or even organize a community event please contact me via email at


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