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Important notice about ADHD appointments:

Posted: 04/18/2016

Effective June 2016, it will be necessary for all parents who have children being treated with ADHD medication to have follow up appointments on the following schedule:

1. Any child who is started on medication for the first time will need to be seen back for a follow up appointment within 28 days of starting the medication.
2. Any child who is restarted on medication after being off medication for 3 months will need to be seen for a follow up appointment within 28 days of restarting medication.
3. Any child given enough medication for 3 months will need to be seen within 3 months before running out of medication.
4. A change in medication dose may also require a visit sooner than 3 months depending on your provider's judgement and concerns.

This schedule is now being mandated due to insurance company rules and national quality standards. Because of this, we will be UNABLE to refill your child's medication if these appointments are not kept. Please do not call for refills if you run out of medication. We CAN NOT refill these medications due to these rules unless the scheduled appointment has been made and kept. Your child will be without his needed medications until the visit occurs if you run out of medicine. It is therefore very important that you schedule and keep the following up appointment before you leave the office.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

Goldsboro, Mt. Olive, Princeton, and LaGrange Pediatrics


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