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Important information regarding the Flu vaccine from Dr. Tayloe

Posted: 12/22/2014

It is important for everyone older than 6 months of age to get flu vaccine.  There are many different strains of flu that circulate in our community.  Each year, national authorities do their best to develop a flu vaccine for the upcoming season that will protect as many of us as possible from the strains of flu that are likely to appear in our communities.  This year, the vaccine contains four strains of flu instead of the traditional three strains. 

There is evidence that recipients of the flu vaccine are not protected from one of the strains of influenza A that is present in our community.  We must remember that the vaccine is designed to make it less likely that we will become sick with flu and that no vaccine is perfect.  The vaccine we are using this year is still likely to protect us from most of the strains of flu in our community.  Plus, it appears certain that those of us who receive flu vaccine every year build up extra immunity that protects us more in future years. 

So, if you and your family members have not yet received flu vaccine this season, it is not too late for you to do so.  Goldsboro Pediatrics encourages all eligible people to receive vaccine every year.

David T. Tayloe, Jr, MD, FAAP

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