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If you have a question about your child or our practice, please let us know.

Posted: 10/13/2014

Dear Parents,

Our goal is to make ourselves accessable to you and your child.  If you ever have a question about your child or our practice, please take a moment to contact us and let us know.  Facebook has been and continues to be a great method for us to provide information to our patients and their parents. Every week, we receive wonderful feedback about the articles and information we share. However, please und
erstand that due to government requirements on patient privacy and confidentiality, we are not able to respond to questions asked via Facebook. If you have any questions, there are three excellent and easy ways to get answers to your questions:

1) Call our office. All of our office are there to help you and your child. Always feel free to call us and we will assist you with any question you may have.

2) Patient Portal - Did you know that we have a patient portal that allows you to ask for a refill, appointment, or ask a nurse a question? You can also see your child's history, vaccine records, etc at your convenience 24/7. if you're not signed up for the portal and would like to be, please call one of our office or ask during your next visit. The portal is completely secure, allowing all information to be kept fully confidential.

3) Our website - has information regarding our practice that may help you with your questions. There is also a link to our patient portal for those of you who are signed up.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to let us know..

Sincerely, Goldsboro Pediatrics

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