Goldsboro Pediatrics

Thank you for choosing Goldsboro Pediatrics as your child's home for quality pediatric care. We make it our mission to optimize the growth and development of children in order to ensure their success as healthy, happy, and productive adults in tomorrow's society. Our physicians and providers have trained at some of the leading pediatric programs in the country and have more than 120 years of combined medical experience.

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Do you have Medicaid?
Take 3 steps to keep your coverage!

Starting April 1st, Medicaid will begin requiring patients to recertify in order to keep their coverage. To keep your coverage:

    1. Update your information – Make sure Medicaid has your current contact information.
    Visit https://epass.nc.gov/ or call (888) 245-0179.
    2. Look out – Check for official information (email, mail, and texts) and instructions on when and how to renew coverage.
    3. Reply ASAP – Respond right away with updated info to ensure you and your family are still eligible.

Questions or if you no longer qualify for Medicaid? Call (888) 245-0179